3D Illustration

Kingswood Door Render

Produced concept images, CAD drawings, and assisted Artstruct with construction of this door. Door was installed in LA, CA.

Belcorp Recycling depot pre-vis Renders

Interior and Exterior renders of the future Mixed recycling plant in Vancouver, BC..

CPR Building renovation Visualizations

Renders of proposed new deck and courtyard for the CPR building in Victoria, BC.

Robert Bateman Museum

Produced CAD drawings, modeled and rendered images for the Robert Bateman Centre to be built at the Royal Roads University in Victoria, BC.

Edmondon Real Estate Concepts

Two building design concepts for a developer in Edmonton, Alberta.

Recycle With Rosie Model

Model of character "Rosie" for a short animation and commercial.

z-VO concept

Illustration of a concept usb player type device.

zPlayer Reference Design

This device was designed and produced by Vidiva, a company I help found and grow, in collaboration with Zoran. At the time, it was in direct competition with Apple Computer on the eve of portable video players.

We built several working prototypes and showed them at CES in Las Vegas for two years running.

Dolby Mastering Interface

This is a interface created for Dolby that was put into their mastering software.

MLG Faceplace Illustration

3d Visualization of MLG Faceplate assembly.

Digital Alchemy Art show

This is five pieces from a fine art digital show titled "Digital Alchemy", created by Sunny Chancellor.