CNC Design

California Slab Counter

Calfornia Map fresh off CNC machine.  Aprox 8 feet long, 3" thick Old Growth Redwood counter.

Runcible Device

Machining backs out of sinker redwood for the Runcible, a open-source cell-phone/tablet platform.

Recently funded through Indigogo, see it at:

Chakra Plack

This piece is my latest artwork which combines both 3d Printing and CNC machining. It is roughly 5.5 ft tall, and made out of PLA printer filament and Redwood. 

Fractalize Sign

Machining fractal design for clothing boutique. Collaboration with Artstruct.

Leanard Moore Bench

CAD design and Machining bench for Artstruct, installed at Leanard Moore Cooperative in Mendocino, CA.

Swoop Door CNC

CAD drawing and CNC machining for Artstruct.

Noyo Center for Marine Sciences

CAD drawing and CNC machining of Noyo Center sign, for Artstruct.